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      The Picinguaba beach is located at the magnificent green coast, at the city of Ubatuba - SP and makes part of a preservation nucleus of Picinguaba. The village is at the 7km of the road BR101. Our lodge is at the end of the village .

        With its calm and clear waters, the beach it´s perfect for swimming, fishing and diving. Next to the Islands Comprida, Carapuça and Couves, where you can go by boat from the beach.It makes part of the preservation park (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar), with its headquarters established at a beach next to Picinguaba, the calm and stunning Fazenda´s Beach, which can be reached through a lovely trail which follows the river and passes through the mangrove. Also accessible to whom wants to discover the beauties of the beaches of Camburí (9km) and Almada (12km), the Escada´s

Waterfall (9km) and the charming Trindade village (23km) and the streets that breath culture of the beautifull Paraty (35 km). Discover the costumes and flavours of the traditional communities that leaves around and at the beach. 

In Picinguaba you can...

         Wake up to the sound of the calm sea with its bluish green waters and contemplate the sunrising behind the mountains covered by the beautiful vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. Walk through the village and feel the calm of the minutes that passes following smooth balance of the sea. Try the flavour of the fresh fruit sold at the open-air fair and let the time run slow in the fine white sands, by the sun. Take a sea-bath. Take a dip. Go kayaking through the sea. Go on a trail or make a tour by boat. Take a bath on the river. Try the tasty Caiçara spice when the hanger arrives. Quench your thirst with some delicious fresh fruit juice, or with a refreshing caipirinha made with local artisanal cachaça. Seat on the rocks by the sea and see the sun goes down behind the mountains, drawing the sky with yellow, orange and violet lights. See the moon rising shiny on the starry sky, leaving it´s silver trail on the waters. Sleepy early to preaper yourself to another day of discovery or enjoy the night in one of the kiosks or in the surroundings, at the musical nights full of magics of Paraty, on Trindade´s luaus, or at the traditional parties around.
A paradise to rest, immerse in our culture and enjoy the nature.

Next to Picinguaba you can...

     Enjoy other beaches, the islands, waterfalls and parks, other villages and traditional communities, traditional parties and the nights full of culture of Paraty


    Ilha das Couves: 20 minutes to the beach of Picinguaba, this Island is a paradise to whom wants to enjoy nature. Surrounded by the calm, clear and hot waters, it´s the perfect place to dive and see the fish, turtles, stingrays and corals. For those who enjoy hiking, there´s a trail with medium level of difficulty, surrounded by the beautiful vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, to the top of the island. The island has a bar that opens only on high season.

    Ilha dos Porcos: It´s a more reserved island. To get there, it´s necessary to rent a boat. It´s a great option for those who wants to spend a peaceful day, even on the high season. There´s a bar that´s open only in high season.

    Ilha do Prumirin: With shallow, clear and calm waters, you can swim, watching the fish that gets around. Hiking on the rocks it´s possible to reach a small island that has beautiful natural swimming pools. 

     Beaches and Waterfalls

     Praia da Fazenda: Right next to Picinguaba, can be reached by trail or by car. With large strech of withe and thin sand, the sea has calm and clear waters. There´s also the headquarters of the state preservation park of Serra do Mar. There it´s possible to schedule guided tours by the trails of the forest or by boat, by the Fazendas and Picinguabas rivers.For being a
preservation area, there are no kiosks, bars or restaurants in its shoreline. There´s a kiosk near the beach parking lot and it´s taken care of the local quilombola community, where you can try the delicious traditional food like the "pastel de angu" and a salad with "umbigo de bananeira".

     Praia de Camburí: 9km far from Picinguaba by the road 101. With clear sea, it´s perfect for diving and surfing. By the trail or the road, it´s possible to go to the escadas waterfall, that´s next to the beach. In this traditional caiçara village, there are kiosks that serves delicious appetizers and homemade meals. There is a trail that leaves for Trindade Village.

     Praia da Almada: 12,1km far from Picinguaba by the road 101. The beach preferred by the families. With calm sea and abundant vegetation, there´s great infrastructure of restaurants. There are free and paid parking lots.  It´s possible to go by trail (40 minutes) to the Praia Brava da Almada, a wild beach with strong waves and soft sand.

       Cachoeira da Escada: 9km far from Picinguaba by the road 101. Beautiful waterfall next to the road, it´s usually a place for the drivers to rest and take a nice bath in its cold waters to refresh. 


         Vila de Trindade: 23km far from Picinguaba by the road 101. A Caiçara´s village that belongs to the city of Paraty. There are dream beaches with clear waters and a famous waterfall that has a rock that swallows people. There are nice bar and restaurants on its calm streets. The Cepilho´s beach is famous by the good waves to surf. The Praia de Fora, and Praia do Meio has placid waters and kioskis in its shoreline. The Cachadaço beach could be reached by trail or boat. It´s a more peaceful beach, with few kiosks, campings and only one restaurant. From there you can see the "Cabeça do Índio", a big rock  that seems a head of an indigenous and extends upon the sea. It´s possible to go to this rock by trail. You can also go to the
natural swimming pools, where a bunch of rocks dams the sea waters and create a perfect place to dive and watch the fish.

       Paraty: 35km from Picinguaba by road 101. A colonial town founded in 1667, it´s a historical national heritage. Surrounded by the waters and the forest, the city has e beauty architectural complex preserved. On its cobblestone streets there are a lot of artists and tourists from all over the world. The cultural effervescence of it´s historical center provides to the visitors a contact with a lot of brazilian rythms, on the bars and restaurants that have live music every day. 


 Avenida Beira Mar, 245 Picinguaba - Ubatuba/SP 

 Reservas: +55 (12) 99657-7975  

 Telefones: +55 (12) 3836-9144 

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